Pork Share # 2, Likely May Shipment


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The first round of shares is sold out but there is a second group of pigs well on their way to market.  These boxes will likely ship in May.  Perhaps a little before or after but I’ll keep you all updated.

A share gets you 7.5-8 lbs of low-PUFA pork, including but not limited to, chops, pork steaks, bacon, and ground pork or sausage.  It’s tough to find someone to make sausage without adding MSG or other preservatives, but I’m working on it!

The final price for these shares ended up being higher than I expected, unfortunately.  It has to be $126 for a box, which contains 8 lbs of meat.  My goal in Firebrand Meats is twofold, providing great pork but ALSO advocacy around the challenges facing small meat producers and I believe in radical honesty.  Therefore, I’m going to give you the exact breakdown of where the money from each share goes.

  • The pig delivered:   $27.63
  • Meat Processing Costs:  $39.61
  •  Packing materials, Dry Ice, fulfillment, warehousing :   $23.22
  • Postage:  $21.20
  • Credit Card Fees:  $4.04
  • Total:  $115.70

That leaves me about 10 bucks of wiggle room if costs come in higher than estimated or if there are returns/packages lost in the mail, etc.  Perhaps if I keep everything very efficient I’ll be able to call a few dollars profit after I’ve paid my overhead costs (web hosting, software, insurance, etc).  Meat is very expensive to produce and deliver.  Perhaps over time, if we can continue to scale up as a community, we can take on lowering some of the meat processing and logistics costs.

If everything goes right, these shares should ship in Janueary or February, but I’ll keep you posted.



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