About Firebrand Meats

Firebrand Meats is now integrated with Nourish Cooperative!

Firebrand Meats was founded by Brad Marshall, who is the author of the food science/dieting blog Fire In A Bottle. Firebrands were heavy iron cutouts that ranchers would put into a hot fire to mark (brand) their cattle. Outspoken members of societies are often labeled “firebrands,” and Brad is certainly that, publishing such out there topics as The Croissant Diet, Stearic Acid Macro-Dosing and Wine Fasting.

Brad attended the French Culinary Institute & has run The Piggery Farm for 15 years, raising as many as 700 hogs per year farrow-to-finish. As the founder of The Piggery (no longer associated), he has developed recipes for pate, sausages, hot dogs, bacon, rillettes, salami and pepperoni. He has relationships with slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, farmers and feed makers which make this project possible.

Brad has written extensively about meat processing and meat science including Disastrous Trends In American Bacon. He is also a student of culinary history and historical diets.