How Do I Manage My Subscription?

You can change the number of share boxes you’ll receive, the frequency you’ll receive them and cancel or pause your subscription at any time. It DOES take a few steps, but they are fairly straightforward and I’ve made this guide to make as simple as possible to understand. Keep in mind, I’m using the WooCommerce Subscriptions software to manage the site, it’s not perfect, but I’m trying to make it as straight forward as possible with this guide. Thank you again for being interested in our products!

To Change the Quantity Or Frequency of Your Shares

Step 1: click the Account/Login to go to your account page. You’ll be asked to login of you’re not already.
On that page, click on the subscriptions tap to see your subscriptions.
Click view to see your subscription details.
You can change the number of shares ordered or the frequency you’ll receive shares at any time, you will be charged nothing. The list of “Related Orders” are really just confirmations that you’ve changed the details of your subscription.
This will take you to the subscription page, change the Frequency and quantity to what you want and click “sign Up Now”.
Last step! Click confirm Subscription details. You will be charged nothing and your subscription details will be updated. To reconfirm this, click again on My Account, Subscriptions, View.

Cancelling and Reactivating

This is done from the “View Subscription” page. Click on My Account, Subscriptions, View. You have the option to cancel at any time.
You also have the option to reactivate any time. If you cancel and reactivate you will NOT be charged the $1 signup fee again.