Freezer Filler: 30 pounds of Low-PUFA Pork


10 lbs of mixed cuts potentially including chops, shoulder steaks, arm steaks and fresh ham steaks.

10 lbs fresh breakfast sausage seasoned only with black pepper, sage and salt!


This is our largest option.  This is the cheapest pork per pound.

The box contains 30 lbs of low-PUFA pork split between:

5 packages of bacon.  Thick sliced dry-cured bacon and/or jowl bacon.

4 lbs ground pork.

4 lbs pork sausage

16-18 lbs of pork cuts.  These will vary by order but may include:

  • pork chops
  • Spare ribs
  • pork steaks (shoulder)
  • Fresh ham steaks
  • Smoked hocks
  • Arm steaks

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