Freezer Filler: 30 pounds of Low-PUFA Pork



NEW PRODUCT!  The first 50 buyers of this package get 30 bucks off!  Use the promo code “THIRTY” at the checkout.  This is a (slight) pre-sale, the boxes should ship mid-late September – as soon as the next batch of pork arrives.

This is our largest option.  This is the cheapest pork per pound.

The box contains 30 lbs of low-PUFA pork split between:

5 lbs of bacon.  Thick sliced dry-cured bacon and jowl bacon.

5 lbs ground pork.

5 lbs fresh sausage – no MSG or other additives.  Just salt and black pepper.

15 lbs of pork cuts:  pork chops, pork steaks (shoulder), rump steaks (back leg).

Firebrand Meats