Pork Spare Ribs


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Each box has

  • 15+ lbs of the best low-PUFA ribs you’ll ever eat

The pork is from heritage berkshire hogs raised in fresh air and sunshine finished on corn and soy free, non-GMO feed.


“The pork we’ve tried so far is fabulous. Better than a lot of steaks around town at restaurants.”  -David

“Brad, just wanted to say that your pork is exceptional. Chops, bacon, all of it. ”  -Sandeep

“I got my pork last Friday. It tastes so different ( better) than conventional pork, and is easier to digest!”  -Linnea

“We received our share a couple of days ago and had pork chops the same day.  Absolutely fantastic flavor!  Mom can’t stop talking about them.”  -Rachel

Customer service email: info@fireinabottle.net

Here are our fulfillment, return/refund and privacy policies.

Refund/Replace and Privacy Policies

Customer service email: info@fireinabottle.net


All of our orders ship from a warehouse in Chicago and should reach you in 24-48 hours from the time they leave the fulfillment center. Orders are packed in a box insulated with a liner made of recycled paper. Each box has dry ice and gel packs to ensure that the product gets to you cold. We ship to the continental 48 US states (and DC). Please allow us a week to fulfill your order. We need to procure dry ice and the windows of time when frozen food is best to ship are limited. The bulk of our shipments go out Monday through Wednseday.

Refunds and Replacements

Of course, things can go wrong in shipping, often through no fault of our own. Sometimes the carriers say they’ll have it there on Wednesday and they get it there Friday. If you have any issues with your shipment, please don’t hesitate to email our customer service department: info@fireinabottle.net We are always happy to issue a refund or a replacement in the event a package gets hung up in shipping or if for whatever other reason you are unsatisfied. Since the product is cold sensitive, we do not take returns.


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